We offer a repair service for various electronic devices and programming for various devices.

Key Benefits


As the development of electronics continues in the industry, an efficient and reliable repair system is necessary.  We have the capability to repair many of the devices in use today, below is just a small list of our services.  If you have a need not listed, please contact us for a review of you need.  

Singer 1669 EEPROM
We have the software to design any pattern needed for this machine.  The finished pattern program can be sent to you by e-mail for you to write to your EEPROM with your writer, or we can sell you a programmed EEPROM.  We also can manufacture the clamps and plates for you design.
Embroidery Design
We can write most any design for use with your embroidery machine, just supply us with a drawing or sample and we can develop it into most any embroidery machine language.